Why do I need a roofing contractor to fix a leak? Can't I just use "fix a leak" in a can?

It takes years of experience and practice to diagnose tricky leaks, and to build a roof that is water tight and done right. A master roofer is the most the qualified person to diagnose the art of “water travel”, and to prevent water from entering your structure. It can be difficult to pinpoint the cause of the leak. You may assume your shingles are at fault, but it could be a missing or improperly installed flashing around a chimney, vent, or pipe that’s allowing the water to get inside your structure. We have found ceiling leaks that originate from windows and deteriorating stucco walls that travel and appear to be from your roof. Also, once inside the attic, water can travel along rafters and other horizontal surfaces making it difficult to find the exact entry point. A leak can start out slow and small and can cause a lot of damage if a warning sign is ignored. Erik and Mike are experts in this area. This is also why decks and balconies are best repaired or built by an experienced roofer. Ask Erik or Mike about our waterproofing services. Click here to see "signs of a worn out or deteriorating roof".

What kind of roof do I need?

We provide many roofing options that the average consumer is not aware of. The right roof for you is based on what is important to you combined with what is best for your type of roof. Do you want to go super “green”? Is energy efficiency important? Do you walk on your roof? What is your budget? Do you want solar panels? What are the pros and cons of high versus low maintenance roofs? Is color choice important? Do you want a whole new roof line and stand out in your neighborhood? Is metal less maintenance than tile? Erik and Mike are great educators and can help you make the right decision.

Must we tear off an old roof before installing a new one?

It is usually best to tear off the existing roof first. However, to cut down your cost AND if there are no leaks, dampness or wood damage, we can add a second layer of composite roofing over the first one (subject to city codes).

Should we add insulation?

The answer depends on the building codes for your area and the type of insulation you currently have. The energy savings that insulation provides usually more than covers the cost to install it. We will tell you what you currently have and what the codes are in your area.

How long should my new roof last?

Some materials come with a guarantee from 20-50 years. Excalibur Roofing gives you a 5-20 year labor warranty. Nevertheless, roof design and maintenance are extremely important factors. You must keep drainage clear of debris, maintain a good quality coating on the membrane, and keep flashings in good condition. These things will extend the useful life of your roof. We offer maintenance programs for your roof: commercial or residential.

Is a built-up or single ply roof better?

Both types are equally good, but each has its own best use. Size and accessibility are major factors. A single ply membrane or “TPO” is the most common best choice. Please feel free to discuss your situation with Mike or Erik.


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