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Modified Bitumen

We are certified applicators of Certainteed modified bitumen systems. Membranes are hybrids of the built up system, only pre manufactured in the factory. The products come in rolls, and are modified asphalt or coal tar systems with a rubber added for low temperature and elongation characteristics. These products typically use a built up membrane underlayment before application of the final modified bitumen membrane. Modified bitumen membranes can be torch applied, self-adhered or mopped in place with hot bitumen. They are always surfaced with some type of topping System.


We are certified applicators of Carlisle and Firestone single ply systems. TPO is water tight, budget wise, and energy efficient. Tri Polymer Olefins are typically fleece backed sheet membranes that are adhered with adhesives to insulation. These products are typically white in color, and may be reinforced. There may or may not be a topping system used on these systems. The TPO sheets are heated at the seams and melt together: two separate sheets literally become one unit. The same substance is used around penetrations such as pipes or vents, and again the seams are melted together and become one.

“We install new, or repair, flat roofs.


Your flat roof options are determined by the type of roof or deck in place, insulation requirements, roofmembrane requirements and other factors. These products come with 10 to 30 year material warranties and may even qualify for extended Manufacturer Labor "No Dollar Limit Warranties". Select products offer "Energy Star" rated Cool Roof Systems, which keep your attic spaces cooler and are compliant to Tile 24 Energy Conservation specifications. Excalibur Roofing can offer you recycled product options or "Leed" classifications that leave a low carbon footprint. Ask Erik or Mike to learn more.

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There are many more options than just “flat and black”.


Let us transform your deck, balcony or flat roof into a beautiful, durable walking surface using our acrylic cement waterproof deck system.

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Modified Bitumen (APP, SBS) 

Single Ply (TPO, EPDM, PVC)

Hot Mop

Pli Dek Waterproofing System

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